Travel and Culture
Coffee at Seven
Unlike the wasteland of over-sized drinks and decay-proof food in the USA, the 7-11's of Taiwan are a vibrant and vital [more]
Facilitative Questioning
This is a demonstration of Jane Lewis using the process of facilitative questioning to get to the heart of what began as an u[more]
Presence and Persistence
It does not come easy for most Americans. It does not come easy for those of us raised on a diet of "right now," of hopes[more]
Taiwanese Rules of Traffic
It's crowded in Taiwan. Crowded in a way that most Americans would not want to think too long about. Crowded and with ru[more]
Breathing Taiwan
It's a complicated perfume of lurid tropical flowers and scooter exhaust, mixed with outdoor kitchens, acrid-swee[more]
Chinese Medicine is Hard to Learn in China
In the rush and tumble obedience to laboratory science Chinese medicine in China has embraced the isolation of the petri dish[more]
The synchronic adjustment between time zones is only one part of the shifting required when settling into a time zone that crosses oceans, languages and customs. Certainly, there is the inte[more]
Oh, so it is like this..
I bought a ticket from one of Taipei's kabillion 7/11's for the the high speed train that time slices the journey from Taipei to Tainan. For a 35 cent service charge the pre-ticket sales lin[more]
Ten years ago
Ten years ago this would not have been possible. Ten years ago the world was a different place. Ten years ago you could not fly directly from Shanghai to Taiwan. In fact, you could not fly[more]
Learning language
I always enjoy the language lessons from cabbies. Quite often they are the lessons learnt from the stumbles of my less than "standard" mandarin. Other times from the miscommunication of thin[more]
Tea is not a quick affair. It takes time. Time to settle into a chair and visit the steaming water and leaves. It is a rare moment in our point-and-click UPS delivered life, to drop the to-d[more]
The Imperial Capitol
The anomaly of the cotton wet grey sky does not match the desiccated grit that dusts everything with its dull chalk patina. The lack of sun has nothing to do with saturated clouds of moistur[more]
Hurry up and wait
Weeks of planning, preparation, mentally packing and unpacking as the pile of clothes gets weighted against the long range forecast of cities that are seasons apart from each other. There co[more]
Learning how to wrap my ears around the sounds of Chinese was the hardest part of learning the language when I lived in Taiwan. The four tones and using them correctly were a relentless trip[more]
Asking the right questions
There is a method of telling fortunes in Taiwan. Actually, there are many methods of telling fortunes in Taiwan. Fortune tellers in Taiwan are as numerous as psychotherapists in any trend[more]
Portland Food Carts
Portland's rain-soaked cotton sky paints a multi-grey canvas against the blooms of cherry and the emerald green that everywhere holds this part of the world in its gentle evergreen embrace. [more]
氣 is not pronounceable in English
Qi is not pronounceable in English. Its whistled aspiration is not a sound found in our language. And much as we can approximate it with the "chee", as in the beginning of "cheese", it will [more]
The Roots of Yong Kang Clinic
Life in Taiwan is different. It's not just the tropical air mixed with the exhaust of innumerable scooters and sweat of 26 million people that live in a space about the size of western W[more]
Language: definition and meaning
  Fluency is not a list of words that slide off the tongue in the proper order. It is not simply a matter of dictionaries and definitions. Words are like a signal propagated throu[more]
Inhabiting the moment
It is good to have a retreat. Time away from the habits and well worn grooves that naturally accumulate when life runs smoothly enough. Time inhabiting an alternative slipstream, one tha[more]
Change is the only constant
  The uniforms of the "security" are still ill fitting affairs with safety pinned badges of rank. Cabbies continue to smoke in their "non-smoking" cabs, and the staff of beauty par[more]
22 air hours to China
  Something felt odd, not unlike that feeling of thinking you have not packed something important, even though the list has been gone over three times. Something seemed out of place [more]
Making Sense
In China, they are concerned with "getting cold", "poor circulation", "unregulated organs"and supplementing weakness. In the States, the concern is inflammation, allergies and stress. In [more]