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Fat is the New Black- understanding and using a ketogenic diet for metabolic health
We all have an idea about what a “healthy” diet looks like. And it can be confusing as conflicting methods and ideas twis[more]
Fat vs. Carbs Smackdown, see which one is making you fat
This infographic from Massive Health outlines the basic message from Gary Taubes's Good Calories, Bad Calories. Take home [more]
Acupuncture is expensive?
We hear this a lot because insurance companies in Missouri rarely cover acupuncture treatments, which to us seems strange as [more]
Learning Courage
At dinner with a friend the other night, we discussed some of the traits we were grateful to have acquired from our parents. [more]
Falling apart, or falling together?
I first noticed it in Taipei while immersing myself in Chinese. Erroneously, I thought that the drip, drop, drip of daily les[more]
Jane Lewis in Saint Louis
Jane Lewis is a facilitator who works with groups and individuals to help them uncover hidden resources and reinvigorate drea[more]
The Side Effects of Symptom Control
It's not just the warnings on the label. The headaches or nausea, issues with balance or continence that go with along with the therapeutic effect of pharmaceutical medication. It is th[more]
Cultivating Connection
It's that Hallmark time of year when we are supposed to conjure feelings of unimpeded love, and enjoy an evening of infatuation, chocolate and champagne. Those us that have been around the b[more]
Forget resolutions. Work on resolve. Work on fortitude, on depth, on the core of what calls and informs your greatest joy and foundational dreams. Forget the small goals of losing X pound[more]
Facilitative Questioning
This is a demonstration of Jane Lewis using the process of facilitative questioning to get to the heart of what began as an unspoken dilemma. This process can be done with an individual or g[more]
Asking the right questions: An interview with Jane Lewis
Jane Lewis, who lives in Taiwan, helps folks move forward in their lives by implementing Personal Strategic Plans (PSP), We talked to her recently about her work. MM: Jane, tell us a bit [more]
Thin layer connections
It often happens through the most whisper-thin of connections. The seemingly careless moments of expanded attention, the choice to followup a seemingly inconsequential lead, or the introduct[more]
Low bone density reports from a bone scan are not a Fosamax deficiency
When I left the USA early in 2001 to see if I could learn to wrap my brain around the Chinese language there were precious few advertisements on TV for drugs. When I returned again five y[more]
. The most exciting phrase to hear in science, the one that heralds the most discoveries, is not "Eureka!", but "Huh, that's strange." ~Isaac Asimov We like to think that the pr[more]
In our consumer driven world of manufactured discontent, gratitude is the antidote to feeling emptiness and lack. Oddly enough, here in the USA we have a day of gratitude just before the ons[more]
Wellness from the bottom up
Almost anyone over the age of 35 has this experience. A kind of slowing or decline. We don't recover quite as fast from certain illnesses, our digestion slips a notch or two, we have l[more]
The simple stuff is the most helpful
This is a guest post from Ashley Kuykendall, who interned at Yong Kang during the summer If you would have told me a year ago that I would be spending the summer before my senior year of [more]
How does Chinese medicine work?
I get this question all the time, but I think there is actually another question that is lurking beneath this one-- The real question being "is this stuff trustworthy?" Acupuncturists co[more]
What is right about you
It peppers prime-time TV with its post hypnotic suggestions that your life is lacking. Not enough; deficient, and somehow just a bit below the norm. It could be your naturally slightly s[more]
Who is on your panel of experts?
We all have them, those voices in the back of our minds. We usually call it "thinking," but the truth of the matter is we carry around a panel of judges with their "yes," "no," "that's sma[more]
Special Donation Acupuncture Clinic for People Undergoing Cancer Treatments
 Yong Kang Chinese Medicine Clinic will offers a weekly "donation" acupuncture clinic each Tuesday afternoon that is specifically focused on treating those who are undergoing cancer treatme[more]
How to count carbs
It all started in the 60's with Space Food Sticks. Those Tootsie Roll like "meal in a bar" innovations, developed by scientists, that astronauts ate. Since then we have been through countles[more]
Learning how to wrap my ears around the sounds of Chinese was the hardest part of learning the language when I lived in Taiwan. The four tones and using them correctly were a relentless trip[more]
Asking the right questions
There is a method of telling fortunes in Taiwan. Actually, there are many methods of telling fortunes in Taiwan. Fortune tellers in Taiwan are as numerous as psychotherapists in any trend[more]
What acupuncturists know
We know that there are pathways through that body that can lead to astonishing relief from pain. We know that things take time-- that walking slowly in the right direction is much prefera[more]
Sugar makes you fat
Most of us labor under the belief that weight gain (or loss) is due to the simple arithmetic of calories consumed vs calories burned. As with so many things in life, it is not such a simple [more]
Acupuncture more popular than Ted Drewe’s
In an informal polling at a recent lecture it was discovered, astonishingly enough, that acupuncture is more popular than Ted Drewe's frozen custard. In response to the question, "have yo[more]
What does that L.Ac after your name mean?
L.Ac means three years of focused effort in learning the theoretical and clinical skills that give a practitioner enough experience with Chinese medicine to begin to practice acupuncture. It[more]
Increasingly it is common knowledge that blood sugar  and insulin levels have a lot to with weight gain, diabetes, heart disease and other chronic types of illness. Weight gain can hap[more]
What would happen if…
..you actually struck out in the direction of your dreams? Started the long, and unknown journey toward the guiding star of your joy? What would happen if you took the dare that everyone [more]
Is acupuncture like meditation?
It is not uncommon to walk gently into the treatment room after a patient has had a half hour conversation with the needles and feel a profound sense of quiet similar to that found walking t[more]
The Health Benefits of Tea
It is as common as common knowledge gets; tea is good for you. It overflows with constituents that anti-oxidize, scrub free radicals, improve blood chemistry, fight cancer and promote clarit[more]
Put yourself in front of what you want
Making a difference rarely is the result of stunningly bright talent alone. Genius and the odd bent of ability, while useful, will only serve for a portion of any extended journey. Persi[more]
Forget affirmations, buy Taiwanese stationary!
. Affirmations never worked for me. They are like lost post-it notes from another dimension, lacking a certain verve, and calling to a dream that might be best forgotten. Taiwanese[more]
It counts as progress
How do you know you are feeling better? By what yardstick do you measure health and wellbeing? How do you know your situation is improving or not? What is progress? Here are a few thoug[more]
What is that you need to stop doing?
Activity. Doing. Pursuing our dreams, passions, goals, it is what gives meaning and juice to life. In our ever forward tumble toward "check it off the list" it is easy to lose sight of the e[more]
We are not machines
We are more than the metaphoric reflections of modern life's machinery. Our heart is not the emotionless cyclical drone of a pump. Our joints are not camshafts, nor our skin a plastic packag[more]
Speaking of joy. What if you could dance free of gravity. [more]
It is easy to look at dancers, musicians, artists with a brush, or who have power and intelligence in their hands. It is easy to look at their expression through movement, the frozen forms o[more]
Dial “O” for operator
The other day while listening to a radio show I was reminded of how our "brain" is in fact three brains, each somewhat symbolic of the various stages of evolution. Tucked way down un[more]
Everyday inspiration
The back of the Trader Joe's receipt now has a Tom Robbins fortune cookie feel to them. It is a good reminder leave yourself open to inspiration from unexpected corners.[more]
Breath your way to sleep
  I have a friend who recently asked me about a device she saw on TV that helps people to fall and stay asleep. It is a little box that sits on your nightstand and shines a slowly pu[more]
The word for happiness in Chinese is composted of two characters. Open and Heart Simple, yes?[more]
How does Chinese medicine work?
Good question. Let's consider this by first asking another question: How does Western medicine work? [more]
Teaching and Learning
Mr. Hummel taught high school social studies in the early 70's. A cardigan sweater wearing, self professed "conservative" with a Brylcreem wave atop his forehead, he took the radical approac[more]
Finish what is on your plate
We all got it as kids "Finish what is on your plate, children in _______ are starving In truth, this is not bad advice. Finish what is on our plate. Finish it, then stop. Put a mode[more]
Pivotable moments
There are moments were the world is suddenly and completely different. The first moment you noticed her hair falls like a kiss around her shoulders. The space between breaths, when as a [more]
Are Chinese herbs dangerous?
I love watching those Olympic athletes bump through a mogul field, float a corkscrewed flip, land like cat and continue to scream like a banshee down the slope. The way those skaters pull [more]
Acupuncture for weight loss
It is one of the most common questions, along with can I take 10 years off my looks, lose the gray hair and increase my my income by 20%. "Can acupuncture help me to lose weight?" In a wor[more]
When It Comes to Your Health, Participation is the Key
Today is featured a guest post by Mary Jo Blackwood, RN, MPH. I spoke with her recently about how acupuncture is useful in treating neck and shoulder pain, and our conversation quickly spi[more]
The itch you want to scratch
We all have one. Some of us more so, but everyone has one. An itch. One something that invades our dreams, hijacks our focus as we trudge through the day, or shows up as a constant annoy[more]
  I suspect you have encountered this. That there is a decision made to break the lizard brained pattern of habituality; it could be something as simple as acquiring a new habit o[more]
A fortune teller I know in Taiwan once reminded me: Great goals call forth great obstacles Perhaps the difficulties we face are not indications of the being on the wrong path, but of[more]
Gray falls wet
  Gray falls wet out of the sky, as the dark of the year slips quietly toward light. It is familiar, the relentless wet; the water that spills, flows, trickles and runs. I've spent t[more]
Shift of Season
In Seattle it is easy to ignore the lingering slide of summer as it diminishes into an ever-increasing grey with crying skies. In the Pacific Northwest we lack the telltale explosions of dec[more]
Beat the common cold with ginger and cinnamon
Chinese medicine sees there being two types of types of common cold; the "hot" cold and the "cold" cold. Sound odd? It is not. Just recall your own experience. There are colds that slowl[more]
Great hypothesis ruined by good science
  Some good news for suffers of prostatitis, studies show that acupuncture and physical therapy get significant results. Alpha blocker therapy, which in the words of researchers wa[more]
Making Sense
In China, they are concerned with "getting cold", "poor circulation", "unregulated organs"and supplementing weakness. In the States, the concern is inflammation, allergies and stress. In [more]
Whether we think we can, or think we can't; we are right. Anchored from lindsey olivares on Vimeo.[more]
Giving up tobacco is not an event; it’s a process
  Becoming a non-smoker is more than giving up nicotine, getting out it of your bloodstream and having your chemistry adjust to that new reality. It is not simply about giving up a h[more]
Summer Cold
No, I'm not talking about the sneezy summer sniffs, Swine flu, or "Summer Bug" that has invaded your respiratory system. I'm talking about something else. Something that in China is as obvio[more]
What is your story?
There is a straight stretch of Olive Boulevard west of 270 that is flat and fast. Add in the energetic tilt of early morning rush hour and it takes on an irresistible tunnel vision. So, [more]
Cheap and Stylish Sunscreen
Long before we had bright florescent bottles filled with SPF rated goo, the Chinese came up a delightful form of protection from the sun; the "sun-brella." They where standard equipment on t[more]
East meets (mid) West
It's said you can never step in the same river twice. That the slipstream of life with its constant movement, its ever swirl of variable change, is always and continuously presenting us [more]