Using acupuncture and lifestyle to take control of your headahces
Acupuncture has helped tens of thousands of headache suffers gain control of their migraine, tension and sinus headaches. It [more]
Acupuncture, Mindful Eating, and Sustained Weight Loss
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Fat is the New Black- understanding and using a ketogenic diet for metabolic health
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Fat vs. Carbs Smackdown, see which one is making you fat
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Cupping 2.0,  Vacuum therapy that doesn’t suck
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Chinese Medicine Guide to Taming Allergies
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The Jewish Mother’s Guide to Chinese Medicine
There is really nothing magical or special about Chinese medicine. Much of it is just plain old (un)common sense. Stuff you would likely have heard your mother saying, had you been paying a[more]
Five Seemingly Magical Acupuncture Points
Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic—Arthur C. Clark I really don't think that acupuncture is magical. It's simply a technology. Albeit one that can qu[more]
The Midwesterner’s Guide to Acupuncture
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I tried acupuncture; it didn’t work
  It's a frequently heard refrain, both in my clinic and in casual conversation. Almost inevitably it turns out that the person claiming acupuncture of was no use had not really give[more]
Chinese medicine for high cholesterol
  Statin Drugs Are Not a Cure-All for Cholesterol Statin drugs are one of the biggest money makers for Big Pharma, and while they are touted as miracle drugs that save lives, in f[more]
Does Acupuncture Really Work?
This is a common question from those of us living in the West. It should be too! We didn't grow up with uncles that knew something about how to knock needles into points that would turn a[more]
Stop Smoking With Acupuncture
  Making the decision to live a smoke-free life will lead you into a process that almost immediately begins to shift the state of your health, change the amount of green in your pock[more]
Ten Things You Probably Did Not Know About Acupuncture
Acupuncture is not just for treating pain. You don't have to "believe" in it for it to work. For that matter, the practitioner does not even need to believe in it for it to work. [more]
Acupuncture for shingles, Bell’s palsy and neurological problems
  Neurological issues like shingles, Bell's palsy and certain kinds of neuropathy often show up with the speed of a sudden summer thunderstorm. One moment everything is going along w[more]
Does Acupuncture Hurt?
If it is pain you want, we can refer you to some other therapies. Acupuncture, while it does have sensation, few would call it pain. My good friend Jean Paul, an accomplished acupuncturi[more]
DIY Acupressure for Neck Pain
Neck pain is one of the most common complaints of modern life. Be it from hours of meditating over the computer, sleeping at a funny angle, catching a chill on your neck or any of the myriad[more]
How long does it take acupuncture to work?
Sometimes acupuncture seems like a miracle. A strained back that suddenly turns into "I guess I did not twist it as bad as I thought I had," digestion that regulates and settles down, hot [more]
Treating a lingering cold with Chinese medicine
There comes a point where you can not remember the last time you felt well. That day when you realize the vitality you remember having has gone missing. Your sleep is long, but fulfilling, a[more]
Misconceptions about acupuncture</br>You have to be Chinese to practice acupuncture
One of the best things about living in Asia is that I got to see firsthand there were some amazing practitioners of Oriental medicine, but there were also many who were average, and more tha[more]
Misconceptions about acupuncture: Belief
A common misconception about Chinese medicine is that you have believe in it for it work. That somehow your worldview and thought system is integral to the process, or that for acupuncture t[more]
Non-puncture Acupuncture
Needles that don't pierce the skin? Say what?? Isn't acupuncture by definition thin needles that slide through the skin and into the muscles and interstitial spaces? Yes, it is; un[more]
DIY Acupuncture
Wind Pool, Gallbladder 20 You already know this point. Intuitively your fingers gravitate here when you have a headache, your neck feels stiff, or your stress level has climbed into the o[more]
Acupuncture and Chinese herbs for weight loss
  Oddly enough, your weight has very little to do with the calories you consume and acupuncture is not the miracle you have been told it is. I am often asked about the use of acupun[more]
What Does Acupuncture Feel Like?
It feels like that moment when you experience a sudden jump of fluency level in the new language with which you have been struggling. In a fleeting moment a whole realm of understanding and [more]
Acupuncture and the Treatment of GERD
Lowering acid is the not the solution for heartburn! Excess stomach acid is not the problem. You need your stomach acid. It digests your food, helps you assimilate your nutrition, breaks [more]
Multiple Sclerosis and Oriental Medicine
by Carol Krieger, L.Ac., RN Multiple sclerosis (MS) was rare in ancient China, since it is mainly a disease found in countries of northern latitudes such as northern Europe and North Amer[more]
The sensation of acupuncture
Asking an acupuncturist about acupuncture can give you plenty of information about the use and curative effects of acupuncture, but to get at the experience of acupuncture, ask a patient[more]
Acupuncture and Chinese herbs for UTI’s
  When antibiotics fail; more is not always better when treating urinary tract infections. It is usually a simple 2+2 equation-- a urinary tract  infection usually equals a co[more]
Acupuncture for the common cold
We all know that scratchy metallic taste in the back of the throat that snaps you out of the daily routine and makes you wonder, "am I getting sick?" Sometimes it is a few sneezes in quick s[more]
Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs for Fertility
If you have experienced issues with fertility, then you likely have put acupuncture and Chinese medicine on your list of treatments to consider. In my clinical experience I have seen these t[more]
Special Donation Acupuncture Clinic for People Undergoing Cancer Treatments
 Yong Kang Chinese Medicine Clinic will offers a weekly "donation" acupuncture clinic each Tuesday afternoon that is specifically focused on treating those who are undergoing cancer treatme[more]
Treating Meniere’s disease with Chinese medicine
Acupuncture is well known for its ability to treat pain, regulate a woman's menstrual cycle, and instill a deep sense of quietude and well-being. What is less well known is that Chinese herb[more]
Unkink a stiff neck
Neck pain one of the most common complaints for those of us that live in the modern computer linked world. It not only leads to headaches and fatigue, but if untreated can cause various neur[more]
What acupuncturists know
We know that there are pathways through that body that can lead to astonishing relief from pain. We know that things take time-- that walking slowly in the right direction is much prefera[more]
Finding points is not a matter of geometry
It is not about mapping the body with a pre-modern GPS, nor is it about measurement and the superimposition of a one size fits all chart. Finding acupuncture points is more like following a [more]
Acupuncture doesn’t work–Really?
Today's guest post comes from Victoria BC acupuncturist Jean-Paul Thuot, who is famous for his list of things that hurt more than acupuncture. Today he discusses expectations and misconcepti[more]
Acupuncture more popular than Ted Drewe’s
In an informal polling at a recent lecture it was discovered, astonishingly enough, that acupuncture is more popular than Ted Drewe's frozen custard. In response to the question, "have yo[more]
Acupuncture is not sticking needles into people
It is easy to think that acupuncture is simply about needles. We see Internet images of a forest of needles thunk'ed into the perfect skin of an enticing model sprawled on a white-toweled sp[more]
Does acupuncture work?
This question, along with "do you really use a porcupine's worth of needles like in those photos on the internet?" and "does acupuncture hurt?" are the most common questions we get. It'[more]
What does that L.Ac after your name mean?
L.Ac means three years of focused effort in learning the theoretical and clinical skills that give a practitioner enough experience with Chinese medicine to begin to practice acupuncture. It[more]
Is acupuncture like meditation?
It is not uncommon to walk gently into the treatment room after a patient has had a half hour conversation with the needles and feel a profound sense of quiet similar to that found walking t[more]
氣 is not pronounceable in English
Qi is not pronounceable in English. Its whistled aspiration is not a sound found in our language. And much as we can approximate it with the "chee", as in the beginning of "cheese", it will [more]
Acupuncture and the treatment of cancer
Chinese medicine operates on a set of principles different from those upon which western science is founded. It is completely foreign both in philosophy and practice. As a result, many [more]
The Roots of Yong Kang Clinic
Life in Taiwan is different. It's not just the tropical air mixed with the exhaust of innumerable scooters and sweat of 26 million people that live in a space about the size of western W[more]
Dial “O” for operator
The other day while listening to a radio show I was reminded of how our "brain" is in fact three brains, each somewhat symbolic of the various stages of evolution. Tucked way down un[more]