Frequently I hear people say, “We should be more open to these kinds of methods.”

I am of a different opinion. I think a healthy skepticism is more appropriate. Strange words to hear from an acupuncturist?

Not really, read on.


Welcome to Yong Kang Chinese Medicine clinicHere in the West we come by our suspicion naturally; we have little personal experience or cultural background to suggest that a few well-placed needles can coax forth profound healing. The normal response to such methods should be doubt.

Describing the ancient medical practice of acupuncture is not unlike describing green-blue tropical waters to someone color-blind to those hues — there simply is no direct line between points A and B. In the absence of personal experience, the treatment is difficult to truly comprehend.

More importantly, when it comes to health, leaps of faith and wishful thinking are not the best starting points.

Because you are reading this, I suspect you are seeking a solution to a health concern that has been dogging you like a shadow or dealing with a condition that has evaded Western bio-medicine’s scopes and scans, or failed to respond to conventional one-size-fits-all methods. Maybe you are simply uneasy with the cascade of side effects from Western medical treatment.

Who uses acupuncture and Chinese medicine?
What does acupuncture treat?
How does acupuncture work?

You have questions. We can offer resources.

Take the next step of that journey by pouring a cupful of your favorite beverage, unfurl your curiosity and read on to learn how Chinese medicine and acupuncture can help you or someone you care about. And welcome!